Servus® HD buckle overshoes

These Models of Servus ® BUCKLE OVERSHOES or GALOSHES
are 'supersized' to fit over bulky work shoes.

Double check your selection of size against the dimensions in the chart (below)
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rubbers galoshes overshoes


T314 zipper

1614 3/8"365 mm
1514 1/8"356 mm
1413¾"347 mm
1313 3/8"339 mm
1213 1/8"332 mm
1112¾323 mm
1012 3/8"314 mm
912 1/8"306 mm
811¾298 mm
Interior dimensions
Instructions: (ordering tips)
These overshoes are designed and manufactured to fit over bulky work boots.
Double check your size selection of these galoshes by referring to the chart on the right.
Be sure that your boots or shoes are 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch shorter than the overshoes you intend to buy.
This will allow the overshoes to slide on and off without a big struggle.
Please note that these buckle galoshes (T369) weigh about 5 lbs per pair (average)
They are HD (heavy duty)
These overshoes are designed for the mechanic working, in the field, on a broken down
D8T Caterpillar tractor that quit running at the bottom of a muddy ditch. They are rugged.
If you want these buckle overshoes for the times when you need to shovel your driveway,
that's okay; but, watch your measurements.
Street shoes fit more loosely in these buckle galoshes than you might expect
The chart shows INSIDE measurements
Servus® Manufactures these in sizes 8-16 inclusive.

Questions? 1·800·642·0393 Toll Free
(50 states & Canada)
9AM to 9PM Eastern, please.

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These Galoshes, or overshoes if you prefer, fit well over bulky work shoes or boots
These overshoes are Heavy Duty
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