10" Tall Zipper Overshoes

Just like the old days
Black Rubber with net lining - light weight
Cross Grip ™ outsole

Nelson Shoe Store
Manistique MI 49854

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T314 10 inch nominal zipper galoshes


1513 1/4"336 mm
1412 15/16"328 mm
1312 5/8"320 mm
1212 5/16"312 mm
1112"305 mm
1011 3/4"298 mm
911 7/16"290 mm
811 1/8"282 mm
Interior dimensions


Ordering Tips for these Zipper Galoshes (overshoes)
As a general rule, it is necessary to purchase this product 1-1 sizes larger than the shoe you will be wearing. The exception would be a very "fine" leather shoe w/ thin leather sole. In that case purchase size or 1 full size larger than the shoe. If your shoes are a little bulky, consider MR1111. If your shoes are very bulky, consider T315 or T419.   In any case, double check your selection by comparing measurements in the chart.

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