This Chemical Resistance Comparison chart is based on theoretical information available in literature about the chemical resistance of individual elastomers. It is provided as a general guide for qualified professionals who recommend, select, specify or otherwise determine the suitability of products for worker safety. As such, the Chemical Resistance Comparison chart is advisory only and addresses the relative resistance of rubber, neoprene , and PVC to degradation by the listed chemicals. This chart does not address resistance to permeation. Permeation resistance of a particular elastomer cannot be inferred based on the chemical resistance information provided in this chart. The suitability of a product for specific application must be determined and tested by the purchaser. Nelson Shoe Store and Honeywell Safety Products a.k.a. Norcross Safety Products LLC assumes no responsibility for the suitability of an end user's product selection for a specific application.

acetaldehyde fair best good
acetic acid best best good
acetone fair good poor
acrylonitrile fair good good
ammonia anhydrous best best good
ammonium hydroxide good best good
ammonium sulfate best best good
amyl acetate fair fair good
amyl alcohol-fusel oil good best best
animal fats poor good good
aniline fair best good
battery acid poor fair good
benzaldehyde fair good fair
benzene (benzol) poor fair poor
benzol (benzene) poor fair poor
benzyl alcohol poor good best
benzyl chloride poor fair fair
butane fair good fair
butter fair best good
buttermilk fair best best
butyraldehyde fair good fair
butyl acetate fair fair good
butyl alcohol best best good
calcium chloride best best good
calcium hypochlorite good best good
carbolic acid best fair best
carbon disulfide fair fair good
carbon tetracholoride poor good fair
carbonic acid fair best good
castor oil best best good
caustic potash good best good
caustic soda good best good
chlorine water good best good
chloroacetone fair good poor
chloroform fair fair fair
chlorothene fair good fair
chlorox good best best
citric acid best best best
coal tar solvents poor poor fair
coconut oil poor best good
copper chloride fair good good
copper sulfate fair good good
cottonseed oil poor best good
cutting oil poor good fair
cyclohexane poor good poor
cyclohexanone poor fair poor
diacetone alcohol fair good good
dibenzyl ether fair good good
dibutyl phthalate good fair good
dictylphthalate poor good fair
diesel fuel poor good good
diethanolamine fair good good
diisobutylene fair best poor
ethyl acetate fair fair fair
ethyl alcohol good best best
ethylene glycol good best good
ethyl ether good best poor
ethyl formate good good fair
ferric chloride good best good
formaldehyde good best good
formic acid best best best
furfural fair good good
fuse oil-amyl alcohol good best best
gasoline (cracked) poor best fair
gasoline (SR) poor best fair
glycerine best best good
grease (all kinds) poor good good
hexane fair good fair
hydraulic fluids
petroleum based
poor good fair
hydraulic fluids
phosphate ester
good fair poor
hydraulic fluids
silicate ester
good good good
hydraulic fluids
water glycol
good good good
hydrobromic acid good best good
hydrochloric acid fair good good
hydrofluoric acid poor poor good
hydrofluoric acid (hot) poor poor good
hydrogen peroxide good good best
hydrogen sulfide fair good good
hylene poor good fair
isoprophyl alcohol good best good
kerosene (coal tar) poor fair fair
kerosene (pet) poor good fair
lactic acid best best best
lard oil fair best good
linseed oil fair best good
malic acid good best best
methyl acetate fair good fair
methyol alcohol good best best
methyl cellosolve fair best good
methyl chloride poor poor fair
methyl ethyl ketone fair good poor
milk best best best
mineral oil poor best good
monoethanolomine fair good good
morpholine poor best good
naptha poor best fair
nitric acid fair good good
nitrobenzene poor fair poor
octyl alcohol best best best
oleic acid good best best
olive oil fair best good
paint remover fair good fair
perchlorethylene poor fair poor
perchloric acid fair good good
petroleum oils poor best good
petroleum solvent poor good fair
phosphoric acid 20% fair best good
pine oil poor best good
potassium dichromate fair good good
potassium hydroxide good best good
potassium permaganate fair best fair
propane fair good good
propyl acetate fair good fair
propyl alcohol good best best
silicone oil 220 fair best good
skydrol 500 poor fair poor
soaps fair best good
sodium chloride good best good
sodium hydroxide good best good
stearic acid best best best
sulfuric acid fair good good
tannic acid best best best
tide good best good
tin chloride good best good
toluene poor fair poor
toluol poor good poor
trichlorethylene fair good fair
tricresol phosphate good good good
triethanolamine fair good good
trinitrotolulene poor fair good
trinitrotolual (TNT) good best good
tung oil fair best good
turpentine poor best good
water best best best
xylol poor good poor
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